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CircDayLA Speaker Presentations 2011

Keynote Address

Audience and Business Development in a Social Media Age
by Steve Ennen, President & Chief Intelligence Officer of Social Strategy1, an ILD Company


Setting Yourself Up in Social Media: Tools, Tips and Strategies for Audience Development
by Ian Huckabee, President of Weejee Media

The Rewards and Challenges of Building a Marketing Database
by James Tucker, President & CEO of Integrated Marketing Technology, Inc. and Barbara Besser, Group Circulation Director of Active Interest Media

Retention Marketing: Revitalize Your Renewals and Requals
by Meg Clark, Audience Development Consultant and Jo Ann Binz, Audience Development Manager of Quality Circulation Services

Publish Everywhere – Magazines are Brands, Readers are Mobile
by Martin Hensel, President of Texterity and Jared Katzman, VP Sales & Marketing of Thumb Media Group LLC

Back To The Future Basics: Old Tricks For New Marketing Channels
by Kristi Dougherty, Director of Paid Circulation of 1105 Media and Jason Yee, Audience Development Manager of UBM

Email Marketing Comes of Age
by Steve Crowe, Chief Operating Officer of Hallmark Data Systems

10 Ways to Leverage Social Media for Audience Development
by Desiree Bennett Forsyth, Principal of Density Media

Postal Strategies That Make Sense
by Robert J. Lindsay, Director of Postal Affairs and Business Solutions of RR Donnelley Logistics

What Niche Publishers Can Learn From Regional Publishers
by Eric Holden, Vice President, Audience Development of Modern Luxury Media

Lead Generation for Audience Developers
by Abraham Langer, Senior Vice President, Audience Development & Digital Media of 1105 Media

Digital Edition Survival Guide
by Thea Selby, Principal of Next Steps Marketing and
Karin Kinnear, Senior Manager, Audience Development & Operations of Oracle

New Age Auditing
by Teresa Perry, SVP Publisher Member, Audit & Report Processing Services of ABC

New Age Auditing
by John Brooks, Director, Marketing Services of BPA Worldwide